Tradewater creates high quality, verifiable carbon offset credits for compliance buyers in the California Cap-and-Trade market and for voluntary buyers committed to reducing their own carbon footprint.

Tradewater offset credits are generated through a national program that collects chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants and prevents their release into the atmosphere. This work protects the stratospheric ozone layer and eliminates a potent greenhouse gas from being released into the atmosphere.

Tradewater also generates carbon offset credits by preventing the release of methane, another potent greenhouse gas, from abandoned coal mines.

Tradewater offset credits have been sold to regulated entities and are an important part of achieving greenhouse gas reduction mandates in California.
Nearly two decades ago, the United States agreed to participate in the Montreal Protocol and commit to eliminate the production of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants – potent greenhouse gasses that also deplete our ozone layer. Since then, it has been unlawful to manufacture these refrigerants in the United States, but they continue to be used in chillers, air conditioners, and refrigeration systems. Tradewater finds, collects, and destroys these old chlorofluorocarbons in order to prevent their release into our atmosphere.
Many people are unaware that abandoned coal mines continue to emit large quantities of greenhouse gas – methane, in particular – into the atmosphere.
Tradewater captures and destroys methane from abandoned coal mines, and has listed one of the first abandoned mine methane compliance projects with the California Air Resources Board.
Tradewater is constantly exploring additional opportunities to develop projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions under measurable and verifiable carbon offset protocols. The expertise Tradewater’s staff has gained developing compliance offset credits allow us to develop, implement, and verify projects under voluntary protocols as well. The measurable environmental benefits created by our projects result in high quality, verifiable offsets that any entity can confidently add to its portfolio and proudly include in its sustainability plans.

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