join the team
Tradewater is a growing entrepreneurial company. We seek to attract and retain high quality employees who support our mission, and are interested in helping to make what we do more innovative, nimble, and effective.

Some things you should know about working at Tradewater:

  • We set and pursue big, hairy audacious goals – goals that are likely to be externally questionable, but not internally regarded as impossible.
  • A consistent commitment to the daily implementation of our strategies is how we achieve big goals.
  • We are committed to providing a supportive and collaborative work place. We want people to grow in their work, and to keep learning.
  • We value teamwork. We realize that the only way for one of us to succeed is if we all do.
  • Our work is hard, but we try to approach it with a sense of humor.

Tradewater routinely hires interns to assist with our CFC collection program. If you are interested, please reach out to Jessica Dixon at [email protected].